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Tylman of Gameren (Gamerski)
pl: Tylman z Gameren (Gamerski)
[1632 Utrecht - 1706 Warsaw]
Tylman of Gameren was born in Netherlands but most of his life, 44 years, he spent in Poland. Educated in Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy Tylman was real man of the renaissance with the difference that he was born and lived in age of baroque.
Tylman was famous as a painter, engraver, drawer and architect, in Venice he became popular as a painter of battle scenes and nudes, unfortunately none of his paintings from the Venetian period is known nowadays.
Probably in Venice Tylman met one of the members of Poland's high society - Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski, on whose invitation he came to Poland.
This meeting was beginning of his long friendship with Lubomirski. Tylman engraved illustrations to several Lubomirski's poems and designed many buildings on his order.

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-- "Angels - Sketch to the Sculptures for St.Anthony's Church in Warsaw"-- "First Page of Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski's Adverbium Moralium"-- "Self-Portrait (?)"
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