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Jeremias Falck
pl: Jeremiasz Falck
[1610 Gdansk - 1677 Gdansk]
Jeremias Falck is considered as one of the best engravers of the 17'th century.
Artist's education remains for us a complete mystery. For years Wilhelm Hondius was claimed to be his hypothetical teacher but according to contemporary researches results it seems improbable.
In 1639 Falck moved to Paris where he engraved famous series of Four Seasons of the Year - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. For five years starting on 1649 he worked in Stockholm, Sweden for the queen Kerstin, after her abdication he returned to Gdansk. During so-called " Swedish Flood" - wars between Poland and Sweden, he worked in Paris, then Netherlands and Germany.

In Amsterdam he made engravings according to past ages greatest masters, mainly religious, for illustrated catalogue of city's mayor Gerard de Reynst collection, printed in 1660.
In 1662 in Hamburg he published 16 botanical engravings containing different types of flowers and plants and surely proving his master skill.
His Polish works are mostly engravings based on portraits by Daniel Schultz the Younger. Falck did cooperated with Georg Forster's publishing house in Gdansk, where he created engraved illustrations to its greatest books, including Hevelius' "Selenography" and Jerzy Ossolinski's "Orationes". Books with Falck's engraved on copper illustrations are remaining objects of collectors' desire.
Few years before death artist returned to Gdansk, where he lies buried in St. Peter's and St. Paul's church.
He used to sign his works "Jeremias Falck Polonus".
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