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"Free admission to the exhibition "Generation'80""
--[ news--[01.12.2010--21:10
We have the pleasure to announce, that admission to the exhibition "Generation'80" is free each day of the week, beside the admission rates to the other exhibitions.

time: 1st December 2010 - 16th January 2011
place: National Museum, the Main Building, Cracow

"Welcome to the exhibition season!"
--[ news--[15.05.2010--02:01
Season of exhibitions in 2010 has already begun.

"New Year, New Exhibitions"
--[ news--[22.01.2008--18:19
2008 starts in Polish museums as not many of previous years. recommends following of the new exhibitions: "Trip to the Between Wars", National Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 17th of January – 30th of March 2008; "Zygmunt Pronaszko. Works from the collections of the National Museum in Cracow", National Museum, Cracow, Poland, 17th of January – 30th of March 2008; "Danuta Leszczyńska-Kluza. Past – Future", ZPAP Gallery, Cracow, Poland, till the end of January 2008.

"New works and new reproductions"
--[ news--[02.11.2007--10:11
Beside the fact that offers you new additions every week, we continue our successful proccess of replacing old reproductions with their newer, more faithful and better versions. In case of the new paintings we concentrate on supplementing galleries of already added artists, so they would be more complete encountering their lifetime achievements. In connection to this we enriched the galleries of Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jozef Pankiewicz, Andrzej Wroblewski, Henryk Siemiradzki, Magdalena Abakanowicz and many others. Relaying on that policy the number of new artists at will be temporarily small.

"End of the Translocation"
--[ news--[06.05.2007--11:36
Today translocation of the site has ended. Now it's available several times faster and better, from the biggest server-rooms in Poland. All the domains are directed to the new server. However during the moving some problems might have occurred, that's why we'd like to ask all the viewers to inform us about any malfunctions in the site content, like for example missing reproductions. Thank you. We'd like also to apologize again for the past inconveniences in accessing

"Access problems"
--[ news--[04.05.2007--17:06
Due to the problems with accessing that have occurred during last 7 days we've decided to change physical location of the server on which the site is installed. We'd like to apologize for all inconveniences it might cause during next 48h.

"Siemiradzki's Exhibition in Stalowa Wola"
--[ news--[24.04.2007--13:52
Henryk Siemiradzki for years cursed and criticized, who during his life used to be most admired artist of his times, now is regaining his fame. His paintings are breaking the auction records (mainly thanks to the new Russian millionaires who buy his paintings and consider him as Russian, charging Poles with stealing the artist and his artwork from them). Artists always considered himself as Polish. On the 27th of April 2007 in the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola will be oppened exhibition "Unknown Siemiradzki". is a media patron of this event...

"Night of Museums in Cracow 2007"
--[ news--[16.04.2007--10:55
As one of the first we publish the date and the program of this year's Night of Museums in Cracow. The date is the night of the 18th May, precise program is available in Polish version.

"Shepherd by Eugeniusz Zak in the Art Institute of Chicago"
--[ news--[21.02.2007--09:01
Today new article by Magdalena Korybska, on the masterpieces of Polish art in American collections, has appeared on At this time its topic is a painting entitled "Shepherd" by Eugeniusz Zak in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago.

"Appeal of the National Museum in Cracow"
--[ news--[28.10.2006--12:03
National Museum in Cracow would like to make following appeal to all the owners of works by Zbylut Grzywacz:

In 2008 the National Museum in Kraków organizes the first posthumous, retrospective exhibition of Zbylut Grzywacz. The exhibition will be accompanied with a catalogue of the Painter’s complete oeuvre.
There is a great request to all who possess the Artist’s works to inform the Museum about it.
We guarantee anonymity and discretion.

"New Gierymski's painting in the collections of Cracow's National Museum!"
--[ news--[30.08.2006--19:33
National Musem in Cracow has acquired a new object to its collection of the works by Aleksander Gierymski. Collection numbering 21 paintings will be supplemented by view of "Villa Borghese", also known as "Pines in Villa Borghese", thanks to the support of Polish Ministry of Culture. This landscape has been painted by Gierymski on canvas between 1895 and 1900 and measures 34,5 to 51,5 cm.

"Pankiewicz now in Cracow. Rafal Malczewski is coming soon..."
--[ news--[07.06.2006--12:23
In the beginning of this year National Museum in Warsaw has presented great retrospective exhibition of Jozef Pankiewicz. Exhibited were over 200 canvases, 150 drawings and 100 graphics by this artist. Now this exhibition will be shown in the rooms of Cracow's National Museum, which has loaned the biggest part of presented canvases. For those who felt angry because of the compulsion to go to Warsaw to see the best exhibitions of Polish art there is also a good news - at the end of 2006 the exhibition of Rafal Malczewski, shown now in Warsaw, will be presented in Cracow!

"Harvesters Rest saved!"
--[ news--[02.06.2006--11:49
Till the 4th of June Silesian Museum in Katowice has been showing the latest fruit of the work of its art conservators. It’s a preserved or in fact even saved painting by Wincenty Wodzinowski entitled "Harvesters Rest" also known as "The Player". This oil painting of c.1896 was loaned by Lviv’s Picture Gallery and as, unhappily, most of the paintings of its collections was in dramatic condition. Introductory abduction of the painting has shown 20 centimeters long render of the canvas nearby its left edge.

"Jan Matejko’s Wernyhora in Niepolomice already"
--[ news--[01.06.2006--20:44
Jan Matejko’s painting entitled "Wernyhora" which presents the legendary 18th century foreteller, who predicted the history of Poland - starting on the partitions till the regain of independence was the first picture from Cracow’s National Museum’s Gallery of the 19th Century Polish Art transported to the Royal Castle of Niepolomice. Between 11 am and 1 pm it was ceremonially packed.
We’ve recently announced that all paintings from this gallery located in Cracow’s Cloth Hall will be exhibited in Niepolomice during the time of the preservation of this building.


"Public Committee for the Reconstruction of the Church of Saint Catharine in Gdansk"
--[ news--[23.05.2006--20:18
Whole Poland was watching with emotions yesterday's breaking news about the fire of the oldest church of Gdansk's Old City - the Saint Catharine Church, reconstruction of which, after the fire set up by the Soviet Army in 1945, has ended only few years ago. Church contained among many other monuments the grave of Jan Hevelius and many paintings by Anton Moller. It was described by Daniel Chodowiecki in his diary of the trip to Gdansk in 1773.

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