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Jan Matejko
pl: Jan Matejko
[24.06.1838 Cracow - 01.11.1893 Cracow]
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-- "Artist's Children"-- "Baptism of Lithuania"-- "Boleslaus the Brave with Swiatopelk at the Golden Gate in Kiev"
-- "Drowned in Bosfor"-- "Heads on Columns of the Cloth Hall"-- "Heads on Columns of the Cloth Hall"
-- "Heads on Columns of the Cloth Hall"-- "Madonna and Child with St. Leonard and St. Joan"-- "Portrait of Artist's Children"
-- "Portrait of Jozef Ciechonski"-- "Portrait of Leonard Serafinski"-- "Portrait of Leonard Serafinski"
-- "Portrait of Maria Matejko"-- "Portrait of Maria Puslowska"-- "Saint Cunigunde"
-- "Sedziwoj the Alchemist"-- "Self-Portrait"-- "Self-Portrait"
-- "Stanczyk during a Ball at the Court of Queen Bona after the Loss of Smolensk"-- "Stanczyk Faking a Toothache"-- "Stefan Batory at Pskov"
-- "Study of the Sign, Date and Signature of Veit Stoss on the Grave of the King Casimir Jagiellonian"-- "The Battle of Grunwald"-- "The Virgin of Orlean"
-- "View of the St. Mary's Church from the Town Hall Tower in Cracow"-- "Wernyhora"-- "Wife in Pearls"
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