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Jozef Pankiewicz
pl: Józef Pankiewicz
[1866 Lublin - 1940 La Ciotat, France]
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-- "Abside of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris"-- "Barbarka, a Head of a Woman (after a sculpture by Antoni Kurzawa)"-- "Birch"
-- "Blacksmith - Rome, Under the Arcade of the Theater of Marcellus"-- "Castello del’Ovo"-- "Chapel in a Park"
-- "Chartres - Place de la Poissonnerie"-- "Cup of Tea - Visit"-- "Dahlias in the Patterned Jug"
-- "Des Tuileries Street, Paris"-- "Fisherman's Boat of Concarneau"-- "Flower Market Outside the Madeleine Church"
-- "Gate of Jerzual in Dinan"-- "Green Gate - Landscape from Saint-Tropez"-- "Honfleur - St.Catharine's Church Bell-Tower"
-- "Idyll II"-- "Italian Port at Night"-- "Japanese"
-- "Jeruzal Street in Dinan with a Cat"-- "Landscape from the Nortern France"-- "Landscape from the Southern France"
-- "Landscape with a Hay Cart"-- "Landscape with Olive Trees Against the Background of the Mountains in La Ciotat"-- "Le Pont Corneille in Rouen"
-- "Motif from the Versailles Park"-- "Nocturne - Swans in the Saski Garden at Night"-- "Notre Dame Catherdal in Paris"
-- "Nude"-- "Oak in Hampton Court"-- "Old Port in Honfleur"
-- "Paris - Pont Marie"-- "Park in Duboj"-- "Pin Chanel in Polesie"
-- "Pin Chanel in Polesie III"-- "Pinias on a Slope - Saint-Tropez"-- "Port of Concarneau"
-- "Port of Concarneau II"-- "Portrait of a Girl in Red Dress (Jozia Ordelfowna)"-- "Portrait of Mrs. Laurysiewicz"
-- "Quai d Anjou in Paris"-- "Quay of the Port in Saint-Tropez"-- "Red Carnations"
-- "Rome - Forum Romanum"-- "Saint Michel Bridge in Paris"-- "Seine in Les Andelys"
-- "Seine near Caudebec en Caux. A Row of Poplars on the River Bank"-- "Self-Portrait"-- "Self-Portrait"
-- "Still Life - a Carp"-- "Still Life with a Green Jug"-- "Still-Life with Ceramics"
-- "Street in Madrid"-- "Street in Siena"-- "View of Concarneau"
-- "View of Venice"-- "Warsaw's Hackney at Rainy Evening"-- "Woman Brushing her Hair"
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