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"Polish art of the 20th century from the collections of the National Museum in Warsaw"
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National Museum in Warsaw is ceaseless in his endeavours to build new edifice which will enable space required to present most of its collections. Museum owns many works by the greatest Polish artists – for example the only one in Poland and one of very few in the world's state collections - painting by Tamara de Lempicka entitled "Lassitude" of her best, early period (c. 1927), as well as works by Wroblewski, Berelewi, Abakanowicz, Kantor, Potworowski and Rafal Malczewski. Foreign art of the 20th century is represented by Picasso and Paul Klee.
Thanks to courtesy of the Museum presents several masterpieces owned by its collections, which are usually not available on the permanent exhibitions due to the lack of space.

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