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Henryk Rodakowski, "Portrait of the Artist's Mother" , oil on canvas, 1853, Museum of Art, Lodz

"I saw a true masterpiece" said Eugene Delacroix on 8'th April 1853 about "Portrait of the Artist's Mother" by Henryk Rodakowski. Painted in 1853 during Rodakowski's visit to Lviv portrait of his mother, Maria Singer-Rodakowska, contains all typical elements of the painter's style. Hidden in the dark figure of the mother is being lightened by delicate ray exposing her face, hand and detail of the dress. Painted mainly in dark shades, by bold and unhidden moves of the brush with mend as unspecific details of the dress, proves master skill of Rodakowski. The model's pose illustrates reveals her positive energy and the author's deep feeling.

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