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"Abakanowicz at Thomas Masters"
--[Magdalena Korybska, from Chicago for malarze.com
I could imagine how difficult it is to stand out of the crowd today. Many times I heard stories about some happy coincidences in artistic life, seldom about somebody’s brilliance. However, it would be the best situation when we could find one and another, and this happened to Magdalena Abakanowicz.
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"Walking Among Giants"
--[Magdalena Korybska, from Chicago for malarze.com
It makes you proud when being so far away from home, suddenly people start saying only superlatives about your country. Such a situation happened to me last November, when Mrs. Magdalena Abakanowicz was opening her new installation in Grant Park in Chicago.
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"Shepherd by Eugeniusz Zak in the Art Institute of Chicago"
--[Magdalena Korybska, from Chicago for malarze.com
Eugeniusz Zak was born in Mohylno on the December 15, 1884. Few years later his family had moved to Warsaw, where he finished the school of commerce. In 1902 Zak went to Paris to study at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, in studios of Jean-Leon Gérôme and Albert Bernard. He traveled a lot. He took a trip to Rome, Milan, Florence and Pisa. In Munich he met Vasily Kandinsky, Leopold Gottlieb and Alfons Karpinski, who became his great friends till the end of his life.
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"Polish Museum of America in Chicago"
--[Magdalena Korybska, from Chicago for malarze.com
After a few difficult discussions spanning several years, the Polish Museum of America was founded in 1937 in Chicago at the Polish Roman Catholic Union. Its primary goal was gathering historical documents from Poland and Polonia for study by future generations to evoke respect for Poles in America.
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"The Work Wouldn't Make Sense if All the Best Had Already Been Painted."
--[Jakub Paczek speaking with Anna Fornelska.
Juliusz Joniak once said about Anna Fornelska, "She holds the key to the to the secret garden".
Indeed, in her artwork we can feel indescribable atmosphere, showing the artist's passion and some kind of secret she wants to announce to the audience through very sophisticated artistic and colour form of her paintings. Anna Fornelska's fantasy still seems to have no limits and is still proved by her newest paintings.
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"Animated film inspired by the work of Tadeusz Makowski!"
--[malarze.com news--[28.10.2020--01:00
LITTLE FRIENDS is a short animated film directed by Agata Sterczewska, based on the paintings by Tadeusz Makowski.

Makowski's paintings from the collections of the National Museum in Warsaw and the National Museum in Krakow served as the basis for this film.

The film will be available for free starting at www.TadeuszMakowski.com.
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"Chodowiecki - a short film on Daniel Chodowiecki"
--[malarze.com news--[15.10.2020--19:42
CHODOWIECKI is a short animated documentary directed by Jakub P±czek, dedicated to the artist Daniel Chodowiecki.
All the scenes in the film are composed of animated Daniel Chodowiecki's graphics and works by other artists based on his drawings or his portraits.
For this purpose, the artists' original graphics, borrowed from a private collection in Krakow, were digitized in high resolution, processed, and animated. Chodowiecki was voiced by the famous Polish actor Miroslaw Haniszewski.
The film will be available for free starting on tomorrow at www.Chodowiecki.com.
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"Free admission to the exhibition "Generation'80""
--[malarze.com news--[01.12.2010--21:10
We have the pleasure to announce, that admission to the exhibition "Generation'80" is free each day of the week, beside the admission rates to the other exhibitions.

time: 1st December 2010 - 16th January 2011
place: National Museum, the Main Building, Cracow
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"Welcome to the exhibition season!"
--[malarze.com news--[15.05.2010--02:01
Season of exhibitions in 2010 has already begun.
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"New Year, New Exhibitions"
--[malarze.com news--[22.01.2008--18:19
2008 starts in Polish museums as not many of previous years. malarze.com recommends following of the new exhibitions: "Trip to the Between Wars", National Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 17th of January – 30th of March 2008; "Zygmunt Pronaszko. Works from the collections of the National Museum in Cracow", National Museum, Cracow, Poland, 17th of January – 30th of March 2008; "Danuta Leszczyńska-Kluza. Past – Future", ZPAP Gallery, Cracow, Poland, till the end of January 2008.
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"New works and new reproductions"
--[malarze.com news--[02.11.2007--10:11
Beside the fact that malarze.com offers you new additions every week, we continue our successful proccess of replacing old reproductions with their newer, more faithful and better versions. In case of the new paintings we concentrate on supplementing galleries of already added artists, so they would be more complete encountering their lifetime achievements. In connection to this we enriched the galleries of Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jozef Pankiewicz, Andrzej Wroblewski, Henryk Siemiradzki, Magdalena Abakanowicz and many others. Relaying on that policy the number of new artists at malarze.com will be temporarily small.
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"End of the Translocation"
--[malarze.com news--[06.05.2007--11:36
Today translocation of the site has ended. Now it's available several times faster and better, from the biggest server-rooms in Poland. All the domains are directed to the new server. However during the moving some problems might have occurred, that's why we'd like to ask all the viewers to inform us about any malfunctions in the site content, like for example missing reproductions. Thank you. We'd like also to apologize again for the past inconveniences in accessing malarze.com.
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"Access problems"
--[malarze.com news--[04.05.2007--17:06
Due to the problems with accessing malarze.com that have occurred during last 7 days we've decided to change physical location of the server on which the site is installed. We'd like to apologize for all inconveniences it might cause during next 48h.
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"Siemiradzki's Exhibition in Stalowa Wola"
--[malarze.com news--[24.04.2007--13:52
Henryk Siemiradzki for years cursed and criticized, who during his life used to be most admired artist of his times, now is regaining his fame. His paintings are breaking the auction records (mainly thanks to the new Russian millionaires who buy his paintings and consider him as Russian, charging Poles with stealing the artist and his artwork from them). Artists always considered himself as Polish. On the 27th of April 2007 in the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola will be oppened exhibition "Unknown Siemiradzki". malarze.com is a media patron of this event...
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"Night of Museums in Cracow 2007"
--[malarze.com news--[16.04.2007--10:55
As one of the first we publish the date and the program of this year's Night of Museums in Cracow. The date is the night of the 18th May, precise program is available in Polish version.
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